Walnut Flooring Finchley

Walnut flooring is a stunning addition to any home in Finchley, thanks to elegant yet durable wood. Rich hues of walnut jazz up the interiors while keeping to the modern trends. The flooring can enrich the visual appeal of the property.

A naturally dark, open grained wood, walnut has been in high demand thanks to its exceptional durability making it a popular choice for flooring. Moreover, it is easy to install.

Walnut planks have a visual appeal which will make any room look beautiful. Many a time, the floor which shapes up after installation of particular materials is not as envisioned. This is not the case with walnut flooring and the property will appear picture perfect. Deep rich colours and natural designs of the wood grain add a distinct look and warm feel to the property. Walnut flooring homes remind of the solid houses of the yesteryears.

GA Wood Flooring ships packed boxes of walnut planks to the project site in Finchley. We offer professional floor fitting service with suitable wood floor moisture and sound insulation underlay. You can also trust for door & door frames trimming and supply/installation of matching wood floor accessories.

Walnut undergoes long and dedicated processing before it qualifies for the flooring. The material is harvested from the tree and made more durable by adding additional sealants. When the process is done, walnut chunks are cut into smaller planks.

You can arrange a viewing of your floors at a convenient time, or simply walk into our showroom. You advise us about our preferences and we would provide you free-of-cost samples of our flooring.

Drawing on our experience and expertise, we can provide you with solutions which will simply transform your property. We provide customers impartial advice what will work best on their property and walk extra miles to ensure client satisfaction.

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