At the core of our business lies the desire to elevate and transform spaces. If you are looking for luxury wood flooring in Chelsea, we are the right choice. Solid wood flooring, or engineered wood flooring, we can deliver, paying attention to every single detail.

Salient Features

  • Exotic floors with beautiful looks and rich colours
  • Range of installation options
  • Superior strength and stability
  • Unique style and appearance

Engineered wood flooring is constructed using multiple layers of plywood compressed together using high pressure methods. This technique combines ultimate strength with exceptional durability. The flooring has a natural look thanks to wear layer (veneer) with a solid wood top. It has better ability to withstand water damage or heavy traffic and is also suitable for use above under floor heating.

Solid wooden flooring has become popular as it provides diversity from different styles and finishes, from conventional to contemporary approach. We can offer solid wood flooring to cater to every requirement. Our skilled craftsmen reveal the natural beauty of the wood floors, baring the individual texture, character and age of each timber used.

Saturated tones of our dark wood floor effects add the luxury dimension to your property. You can choose from a spectrum of rich chocolates in our wooden floor range to create a style statement.

We showcase amazing wooden flooring collections with a string of exquisite floors on display. You can choose from the existing samples, or request custom-built flooring. Our portfolio of floors provides you with plenty of choice. There is antique oak with deep rich tones, cool wood tones of Swiss pine, or ivory layers of prime grade oak. We provide you the opportunity to choose from a spectrum of rare and exotic woods, taking up your luxury experience in Chelsea.

Our expert consultants can guide you through the selection process and pick the perfect piece for your requirements. Browse our range of wooden floors to see what we have to offer.

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