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Walnut Floor Installation, North London

GA Wood Flooring offers one-stop walnut flooring solutions in North London. We are a local business installing for our clients highly durable and visually appealing walnut flooring having an elegant, dark appearance.

Our experts have extensive experience in the installation of hardwood flooring, including walnut flooring in North London. We recognize choosing an appropriate flooring solution can be quite confusing for you, so we are prepared to inspect the property and provide you an impartial advice on what would be efficient solution for you. We can perform quick, efficient installation of the flooring chosen.

Salient features of walnut flooring include durability and aesthetic appeal. You can choose between American walnut and Brazilian walnut, the latter being more durable and resistant to dents and scratches. On the other hand, softer American walnut wood creates more comfortable feel underfoot.

Flooring made of walnut planks is characteristically dark. Paired with a glossy finish, it creates an impressive, modern look in a home or office. Although walnut wood is somewhat expensive compared to some other varieties of hard woods, this is offset by its quality and attractive appearance.

Our close collaboration with leading companies allows us to offer high end flooring options such as walnut flooring at competitive prices. You can choose from a broad array of colors and finishes of walnut flooring, finding a product which perfectly fits in with your specific requirements.

Walnut floor requires low maintenance. This hardwood resists water damage and mold, as well as bug infestations allowing mopping to clean the floor. The floor can be simply mopped without requiring other chemicals. Walnut flooring is also resistant to damage such as chipping and cracking. It is easy to install, which is another major advantage.

Walnut flooring is the preferred choice of many. We also take care of suitable wood floor moisture and sound insulation underlay as well as door frames trimming. Contact us now for no-obligation, at-home estimates and consultations.

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